Store Keeper

Date: Oct 12, 2020

Exercise store management activities and a general control over on Dubai South Stores and inventory in compliances with the defined process, procedures and set standards.


Duties and Resposibilites

Inventory Management:

  • Assist in categorizing assets for effective inventory management and storing
  • Creating Item catalogues and attributes
  • Defining economic reorder points in order to avoid interruption of supplies and spares
  • Define bins and lots numbering within the EAM system and inside the store for tracking
  • Define rotating items as assets to ensure tracking and returns to store
  • Define none stock and stock supplies
  • Manage material requisition for entire Dubai South and South Energy 
  • Manage physical inventory and stock counts as per the policy
  • Conduct inspection and verify delivery items to ensure matching with PO, GRN and invoice
  • Coordinate with vendors and supplier for deliveries
  • Manage monthly inventory cycles
  • Store items/goods as per the Stacking rules – Marking, Packaging, Preservation or product descriptions
  • Conduct ABC analysis and define FIFO and LIFO for inventory items
  • Optimize facility layouts to store the most frequent supplies in convenient areas.
  • Ensure Asset stores have adequate stocks at a satisfactory level to minimize the downtime and allow the continuation of the operation.
  • Issue the items and follow the defined process in issuing the item if stocks non-available.
  • Verify that requested items are in line with specific allotted price or budget and escalate and assist in resolving issues found.
  • Update Item catalogue regularly
  • Conduct physical count on a semiannual basis  
  • Monitor items shelve life to ensure items near expiry are used as per LIFO


Receiving an issuance:

  • Cross verify items received in stores are as per Purchase Order and Standards defined.
  • Conduct preservation checklist with supplies received “no maintenance required”
  • Update receiving in EAM.
  • Deliver approver material, items, tools, assets to requestors as per material requisition process


  • Reporting
  • Extract monthly inventory movement reports
  • Generate monthly inventory value reports
  • Annual inventory cost and movement to be submitted for approval


  • Under Graduate or Diploma; preferable Bachelor Degree – in general with adequate Warehouse or Store Management experience or Certified
  •  Know-how in inventory and supply chain management
  • Minimum 3 Years in a similar role for a very large organization in Asset Store Management or in a similar line


Candidates are requested to send their CV, Visa Copy and Passport copy along with thier Education Certificates  to: careers@duservefm.ae


Location: Dubai, UAE

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