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Document Controller

Date: Jan 10, 2024

Job Summary

Carryout document control activating by maintaining and ensuring efficient document control system for Dubai South Properties, aligning with the defined policies. Assist in document distribution and updates, comprehensive record-keeping, conducting quality checks, resolving discrepancies, and serving as the main contact for document-related queries, while ensuring compliance with organizational standards


Key Accountabilities

  • Document Management: Maintain efficient document control processes and procedures, ensuring that all documents are organized, accessible, and easy to retrieve. Create a systematic filing system that categorizes and stores documents in a manner that supports efficient retrieval and use
  • Record Keeping and Archiving: Maintain a comprehensive and accurate record of all documents, including their historical versions ensuring that all documentation is preserved according to Dubai South Properties policies requirements, and coordinating the archiving and disposal of outdated or obsolete documents in line with retention policies
  • Distribution and Retrieval: Conduct distribution of documents to appropriate personnel and ensure that they have access to the most current and relevant versions. Monitor the retrieval and updating of documents, and managing the circulation of revised and updated versions to ensure that stakeholders are working with the most up-to-date information      
  • Quality Control: Support in ensuring the quality and accuracy of documents by conducting regular checks. Identify and correct errors or inconsistencies in documents and working collaboratively with various teams to address and resolve any document-related issues promptly, maintaining the integrity and reliability of organizational documents.          
  • Communication: Be involved for all document-related inquiries, communicating any changes or updates in document control processes and policies to relevant stakeholders, ensuring clear and effective communication lines are maintained.     
  • Compliance: Ensure that all document control processes comply with organizational regulations and standards by conducting regular audits to verify the accuracy and integrity of documents, maintaining compliance with legal and organizational standards, and ensuring that all documentation is managed in a compliant and secure manner.




Undergraduate degree with professional certification on document management will be an added advantage


Knowledge & Technical Skills:

Proficiency in document management software and systems is essential.

Familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite, or any related software on Document Control.

Strong organizational and time-management skills.

Attention to Detail

Communication Skills

Knowledge of Industry Standards, Compliance, and best practices in document

Team Player

Administrative Skills

Microsoft Office

Language Proficiency in English, and Arabic will be added advantage


Minimum Experience:

 3 Years of experience in document or records management is highly required for similar organization or industry.


Candidates may submit their CV along with other credentials to: Please note the subject line asper the  Job Tittle.

Location: Dubai, UAE

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