Date: Jun 24, 2024

We are looking for punctual candidates with good time management skills for the position of driver. The driver will be driving an executive on his day-to-day task. Working hours will be flexible Day, nights, & weekends when applicable.


Driver Responsibilities:

  • Carrying out vehicle maintenance checks.
  • Delivering packages to customers in a timely manner when required.
  • Picking up office purchases or other administrative needs.
  • Utilizing navigation apps to find the most optimal route.
  • Interacting with clients in professional conduct.
  • Working at night and on weekends if applicable.
  • Ensuring that vehicles have sufficient gas and are always ready for use.
  • Arranging for vehicle repairs when necessary.
  • Updating monthly mileage records.
  • Driving a variety of branded vehicles,
  • Ensuring that vehicle is always ready for use, among other duties.


Knowledge, Skill & Ability:

  • Extensive knowledge of the operating area.
  • Physical strength and ability to lift up to 70 pounds.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills.
  • Good verbal communication.



  • UAE Driving certificate / license.


Experience :

  • Minimum three (3) years driving experience in the UAE.
  • Proficiency using GPS devices.


Candidates may submit their CV along with other credentials to: careers@duservefm.ae


Location: Dubai, UAE

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