Security Site Supervisor

Date: Jan 8, 2024

The incumbent will be responsible to protect and safeguard all guests, visitors, clients, employees, their belongings in the premises.


The incumbent’s role is to provide line management duties of the security and a number of support services team within the department, ensuring optimum performance in accordance to the policies and procedures and KPIs including continuing service improvements and customer focused initiatives.


The post holder provides line management for a team of security personnel which operate 365-day 24/7 service:


  • Maintain public order within the premises / vicinity of the building / site and ensuring that any organized protests or unlawful activities are managed effectively but sensitively.


  • Liaising with government services such as police, fire service, civil defense etc. on all issues affecting security, including high profile visits and events of all types which have a potential to create security concerns.


  • Participate in the rescue and evacuation emergency plan of Duserve.


  • Ensure all necessary property inspections have been carried out and security equipment are in serviceable condition.


  • Ensure enough staff are on duty at all times and ensuring covers for changes in shifts. Check details of staffing levels plan annual leave for the team and ensure continuing cover of departmental tasks across Duserve and its clients by maximizing use of resources. Call in additional resources whenever required.


  • Draw to the attention of the Security Manager or Director of Operations any security issues, incidents and exceptional matters as appropriate.


  • Act as the investigating officer on disciplinary matters for the staff you are responsible for.


  • Responsible for ensuring procedures are in place for the secure control of all Master keys on site / premises.


  • Responsible for ensuring Health and Safety is adhered to so far as is reasonably practicable, ensuring a safe working environment of for all employees.


Control Room


  • Manage a team of CCTV operators in the site and ensure surveillance and monitoring of the CCTV system.
  • Instigate call-out procedure in the event of a major accident / incident.
  • Ensure all incidents are accurately logged.
  •  Liaise with police investigations into any criminal offense committed with the company off and on-site premises.


Car Parking


  • Management and operation of the car park enforcement. Liaise with the public, providing advice on the management.
  • Management of car parking assignments associated with large events.
  • Report any identified defects in the operation of the card park equipment and ensure timely repairs.



  • Diploma or Associate Degree in security or law enforcement in any field a must.
  •  Bachelor’s Degree in security or law enforcement desirable but not required.
  •  Possess a valid UAE driver’s license desirable but not required.




  • SIRA/security Supervisor
  • First AID / Firefighting 

Candidates may submit their CV along with other credentials to: careers@duservefm.ae


Location: Dubai, UAE

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