Esco & Energy Audits

Esco & Energy Audits

1. Energy Audit (Consulting)

Be it a Commercial or Industrial facility, rising energy prices and deteriorating asset performance cannot be overlooked. Our experienced and qualified Energy team can deliver Investment Grade Energy Audits for Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Retail environments.

  • Energy consumption analysis of historical data and baseline establishment
  • Review of assets and operational practices
  • Understanding the energy consumption trends of the facility
  • Identification of operational inefficiencies and improvements
  • Identification of Energy Conservation Measures based on retrofitting, replacing or upgrading the systems with latest innovative technologies

2. Measurement and Verification Services

We offer impartial and comprehensive Energy Measurement and Verification services to justify energy savings to stakeholders or investors and to get buy-in for future energy efficiency projects. 
Our qualified team of certified and accredited Energy Auditors and CMVP Professionals work based on the internationally accepted IPMVP Protocol.

  • Performance Assurance Report
  • IPMVP-Adherent Measurement and Verification Plan
  • Independent third party review or audit of M&V undertaken in-house by contractors or customers
  • Impartial service in case of disagreement between customer and supplier as to the energy and financial savings delivered by an energy saving measure

3. Energy Management System (Dashboard Approach)

We offer an IoT based Energy Management System service with open source platform. Our service offers our customer a complete energy outlook on a customizable dashboard where they can view, control and schedule any equipment at their fingertips while saving cost.

  • System Audit 
  • Control System Design and Integration 
  • System Performance Testing and Commissioning
  • Web-based Dashboard with Remote Monitoring
  • Reporting, Notifications and Alarms

4. Energy Modelling

We offer high quality energy and Building Information Modeling combining expertise into MEP, Energy and Modeling. 

  • Design Heat Load calculations
  • Sizing of HVAC equipment
  • Energy Modeling comparing various design options
  • Lighting Design
  • Thermal Comfort Analysis

5. Power Quality Analysis

We often come across issues with electrical distribution systems. In order to investigate we analyze electrical parameters associated with the distribution of electricity, identify the source and initiate corrective action.

We offer a comprehensive analysis on Power Quality and recommendations to overcome problems such as harmonics, imbalance, leakage current etc.

6. Electrical Safety Audit

We offer ESA services to identify potentially hazardous electrical situations and provide corrective actions accordingly.

The Electrical Safety Inspection Report focuses on installations and safe work practices based on IEC or OSHA Standard or local regulations as applicable. The inspection is conducted by a specialist with strong understanding of these various standards/laws and who is field experienced in electrical plant environments. The auditor/Inspector will be taking pictures, accessing recordkeeping on all electrical maintenance personnel down to the maintenance shops, their tools, meters, PPE, workplace standards, and maintenance record keeping and PM procedures.

7. Thermal Imaging Survey

Thermal imaging is a simple, non-intrusive technique that is used to locate the so called 'weak' points in the building envelope such as missing insulation, air leakage, cold-bridging, presence of moisture etc. This process aims to achieve energy savings and envelope tightness.

We also offer thermal imaging service for electrical installations which can be used to identify overheating in the electrical distribution systems and causes for the same can be identified before any disaster takes place.

8. Water Audit

Reducing water usage saves money on water, wastewater and energy bills and reduces on-site treatment costs.

A water audit helps understand the water usage pattern of the facility and enables benchmarking to the international standards. It helps identify areas where water is wasted and suggests ways to increase water efficiency. We carry out flow measurements with ultrasonic flow meters, review water bills and consumption data, verify water usage, estimated hours and rate of usage, look for leaks and ways to reduce consumption. A detailed Water Audit Report along with summary of recommended actions is submitted for further implementation.

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